100% Natural Deo Roll-On

100% Natural Deo Roll-On

I use 100% natural handmade cosmetics for years. I used to buy them from handmade crafters, but in the last couple of years I am making my own cosmetics. For the moment, I buy only my make-up products, the rest I am making myself.

Today’s, recipe is a 100% natural, very efficient for me, deo roll-on.

For 50ml (1.69oz) you need:

Using the deo roll-on bottle, weight the colloidal silver, then add the backing soda. Mix well, until the backing soda is almost all dissolved. It will not dissolve all, but it’s fine.

After that, add the guar gum and mix quickly and very well with a teaspoon tail. The mixture will become gelly very quick.

Add the lavender essential oil, mix again and the deo roll-on is done.

When you apply it on your armpits, you must wait a few minutes to dry. The backing soda will leave white traces and you must dust them using your hand before dressing yourself.

I love it very much. Not sure how efficient others will consider it. So, if you make it for yourself, please drop by and tell me your opinion.


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