Raw-Vegan Algae Pâté

Raw-Vegan Algae Pâté

This is a healthy and delicious raw-vegan algae pâté, very easy to prepare following my recipe. The inspiration came to me in the evening, I prepared the ingredients and today I made it.

For the recipe you need:

  • 200 grams (7oz) raw cashews
  • 30 grams (1oz) of dehydrated algae
  • 1 teaspoon of spirulina powder
  • the juice from 1 medium lemon
  • 1 teaspoon of himalaya salt
  • 200 ml (6.7oz) of filtered water

Hydrate the cashews overnight. In the morning, hydrate the algae for 1 hour then mince them manually on a chopper, else they roll around the blender/food processor knives and will not blend into the paste.

Place all ingredients in the blender / food processor and blend them until they become a smooth, homogeneous paste.

I ate this algae pâté with my raw-vegan seed bread (recipe here), alongside a delicious salad prepared from red cabbage, red onion, dill, grated horseradish put by me in organic and raw apple vinegar, hulled hemp seeds, lemon juice, cold-pressed hemp and olive oils, himalayan salt, pepper and hot pepper.


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